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We have professional balloon manufacturing equipment, safe and sanitary sterilization environment, most of the workers have mastered the mature work skills, certification responsible for the completion of production, to ensure quality.


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  We have provided OEM and ODM services for many years. In this respect, our company has been very mature and can complete production with high quality in an efficient manner. Therefore, if customers need OEM and ODM services, we will be very grateful.

Jiangsu ChangMei Medtech Co., Ltd. factory production line 0


  Changmei medical always believe that talent is the key to the development of the company, talent first is changmei medical will never change the commitment, especially reflected in the construction and investment of environmental protection research and development team.Changmei medical research and development team is composed of industry leaders, physics, chemistry, biology professionals and senior engineers engaged in the medical industry for many years. R&d personnel account for more than 35% of the total number of the company.Changmei medical co., LTD. R & d team based on r & d and design, with independent intellectual property rights as the core, constantly improve the technical strength, with a special r & d center, the formation of enterprise r & d as the core, each business division, engineering operations department involved in r & d and implementation of technology promotion of the two-level r & d system.In the direction of medical technology and vertebral body tools, targeted research and development projects were carried out and implemented one by one.Through the introduction of high-quality r & d, technical personnel, led to train a number of technical backbone, so as to continue to promote the company's technical development.